Peckerwood Works

Peckerwood Works is a division of our Carpentry Training Center. Under our Peckerwood Works brand, we produce wholesale and retail wood products made in Clay County, AL from sustainably sourced timber. Below is some of the products we offer.

1. Prefabricated tiny home shell kits.
2. Ready-to-Finish wood products: chairs, tables, desks, porch swings, movable chicken coops, bookcases, dressers, etc.

The View THOW
Our first model tiny home is now under construction:
The View
16’ x 24’ = 384 square feet
16’ x 12’ loft = 192 square feet
Total Living Area = 576 square feet


Examples below of prefabricated tiny home shell kits:

Pecker house plans

Examples below of Ready-to-Finish wood products: pecker furniture